Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is the most popular style of security fencing, offering the ultimate deterrent to would be intruders
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Garden Fencing

Standard, Decorative and Trellis fence panels available.
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Mesh Fencing

We supply robust and versatile Mesh Fencing Systems of the highest quality. Let us take the strain out of your security requirements.
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Fencing Products

We supply a huge range of differing fencing products, we will able to offer you a solution to your fencing requirements.
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About Us

About us | One Stop Fencing Products are one of the countries leading suppliers of fencing products. Located in the north west of England One Stop Fencing Products supply the complete range of both security fencing and garden fencing products as well as an ever increasing range of both Agricultural and Equestrian fencing products throughout the UK . Huge stock levels ensure that customer orders are dealt with smoothly and efficiently allowing orders to be delivered on a next day basis if so required.

Ordering fencing products from One Stop Fencing Products is easy with customers able to order on-line direct from our on-line store or by the traditional methods of phone, email or even in person at our store in Bolton.

To complement our comprehensive range of fencing products, general fastener products such as nuts bolts, screws and washers can also be purchased from One Stop Fencing Products, these can again be purchased by the same methods as our fencing products or direct from our One Stop Fastener Products on-line store.

Within our security fencing range, products held in stock at One Stop Fencing Products include Palisade Fencing, Palisade GatesV Mesh Fencing systems and Mesh Gates, Twin Wire Mesh Fencing systems, Prison Mesh Fencing systemsChainlink fencing as well as additional security products such as Razor Wire, Wall Spike and Barbed Wire.

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